I’m Looking For That Great Job

I’m Looking For That Great Job

Gepostet von am 28. Dez 2016

Dennis TraubI’m going to take the next steps in my professional career looking for a position where I’m able to combine my 23+ years of experience in software dev with my passion for speaking on stage to make some real impact.

If you know of anyone who might be looking for a candidate, please feel free to get in touch or share this post.

Roles I’m Interested In

  • Engineering ManagerHead of Technology
  • (Technical) Training, EvangelismPre-Sales or Sales in the software/technology space

Quick Facts About Myself

  • 23+ years in software development, delivery and consulting
  • Extensive experience building, coaching and leading agile teams
  • Published author, international speaker, trainer and workshop host
  • Some clients I’ve worked with: Telekom, Swatch, Sony, Lufthansa, Metro, Scout24, Daimler, etc.


Based in Hamburg, Germany; I’m not considering to relocate but open for (a reasonable amount of) travel.

My Profile

As a veteran of the dot-com era, I’m looking back on 23 years of experience in software development and IT consulting. I have been working across a variety of domains and technologies, building mostly web-based applications of all kinds and sizes.

I’m currently employed as Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks, a global consulting firm specializing in digital transformation and agile software delivery. My most recent engagement has been in the role of acting Head of Technology for a publicly owned market leader in the internet platform sector.

Having worked at the intersection of software development and agile business transformation with both start-ups and multi-nationals, I have developed a pragmatic and highly business-oriented mindset. My colleagues and clients describe me as a well-rounded communicator, comfortably working at all levels of an organization.

With my broad skills and experience, I’d be a great fit in a position managing developers and software delivery. However, I’m considering a transition into a role that would allow me to connect my excitement for working with people and speaking in front of audiences with my strong technical background, e.g. technical training, evangelism or sales.

If I’ve piqued your interest or you know anyone I should get in touch with, please feel free to contact me at dennis.traub@gmail.com.

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