Taming the Monolith – Are Microservices Just an Implementation Detail?

Taming the Monolith – Are Microservices Just an Implementation Detail?

Gepostet von am 23. Jun 2015

Yesterday I was honored to share the stage with Dave Thomas and Stefan Tilkov at the first GOTO Night in Cologne. The location, courtesy of the awesome people at Galeria Kaufhof, was fully booked and I had a really great time!

It was a pleasure to finally meet Florian Bender, to see some old friends again (Krisztina HirthSascha Dittmann, Alexander Zeitler, Sven Johann and Freek van Gool) and to make friends with new people, especially Manuel Kiessling.

Domain-Driven Design changed the way we reason about large software systems. Modern practices, tools and technologies like continuous delivery, NoSQL, and cloud-based virtualization allow the creation of fine-grained systems to solve the specific problems at hand.

Having DDD in mind and technical expertise at our hands, with microservice architectures we can build complex systems that reflect our businesses‘ complex realities and are easy to change at the same time. This talk will show what DDD and microservice architectures have in common and how you can use both to create software systems that fit your domain.

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